I remember this one picture which I saw somewhere on the net. It’s a shot of a couple who were having a beach wedding ceremony – with a topless woman walking by to where the wedding was held. The title of the post was quite funny, it’s “Why you should get married in church”.

This is a perfect example of how you can incorporate viral marketing in wedding photography. First up, let’s define what viral marketing is all about. The term refers to marketing techniques used in pre-existing social networks which aim to increase brand awareness.

From the term viral, the way that this form of advertisement is supposed to work is for it to spread like a virus. It can either spread through word of mouth, or a series of forwarded e-mail messages.

In the wedding photography business, your main arsenal if you want to launch a viral marketing campaign is to use the most beautiful, funny or heartwarming photos that you have. These pictures can be used in a viral post which is bound to hit the front page of
Digg – just make sure that you have the catchy titles to go along with the post.

Just to give you an idea, you can post a really unflattering picture of a group of drunk guests at a wedding doing something really funny or something wild. The title of the post could be “Why You Shouldn’t Get Wasted at Your Friend’s Wedding”. Post the link on your wedding photography blog and on the account that you have on the top social networks. The link baited titles should be something that makes online users want to click – and your viral marketing wedding photography post should spread like wildfire.