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How Do I Take Great Formal Wedding Photos?

Even if you’re practicing a photojournalistic style of taking wedding pictures, you still would need to have a series of formal shots to complete the album that you are creating for your couple client. I do know how newbie photographers and even the veterans struggle with this type of shot, because they don’t know how to make the emotions ‘pop’ out of the photo and not make it look like the subjects were told to smile at the photographer’s instructions.

Here are some tips on how you can take great formal wedding photos:

- First, make sure that you have a list of the formal shots that need to be taken. This list should be prepared with the couple – especially if there are family members whom they want to be taken formal photos with right after the wedding.

- Second, it is much better if you will take the formal photos after the wedding ceremony has been completed. Following the list that you created of the shots that the bride and groom wants to be taken, you should take control of the mini-crowd that is sure to develop right after the wedding ceremony and gather everyone around. Better yet, have the couple assign one family member to be the one who is in charge of which family member should pose with the couple, and when.

- Third, make sure to check with the wedding coordinator if you do have time to take the formal wedding photos after the ceremony. If not, do it before the wedding.

Photos of the bride and groom with their parents, siblings, bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the family are the all-important formal shots that you need to take. By creating a list of the formal photos that need to be taken beforehand, you can make sure that you won’t forget anything and the newlywed couple will be happy with the quality of work that you have.

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First Wedding Photography Book Recommendation

If there’s one book which I’m sure every amateur wedding photographer would appreciate having while they’re getting their business off the ground, that is none other than Steve Sint’s “Wedding Photography: Art, Business and Style” book.

He does have a new book out but for now, let’s focus on how the original edition of this particular title. I can’t even remember how many times, when I was first starting out, I took this book out whenever doubts as an amateur photographer assailed me.

Much like a student studying for a test, I used Steve Sint’s book as a guideline to increase my knowledge about the basic aspects of wedding photography that I typically did not have a clue about. When you read the book, you will see how the author started with the ABC in wedding photography: how to start a wedding studio or work for one, how to build your very own repertoire of wedding photos and how to frame and pose your subjects.

The good thing about the middle part of the book is that good and bad examples are given – so you would pretty much have an idea about whether the photos that you’re churning out at that point in your career were passable or not.

The succeeding parts of the book talked about how to use a flash, how to relate and sell your wedding packages and more importantly, how to promote your business. Thinking back, if I had to scrimp on other things that I didn’t have money for back then, Steve Sint’s book is the one thing that I wouldn’t have regretted purchasing. It’s that useful, especially for those who are just starting out – and wish to succeed – in the wedding photography business.

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Five Essential Tips For Digital Photography

The climate and season is important in digital photography. You have to think about the type of photos that you are willing to take. Most of the people prefer to take out door photography during the spring time. But the rainy season is also good for taking some wonderful photographs. But you have to plan your accessories and location for taking digital photos in rainy season.

Choosing alternative perspective and compositions will help you to tae some eye catching photos. The scenes and landscapes are the same for most of the photos. You cannot change a landscape to suit your needs. You have to change the way you think for capturing a variety photograph from the same landscape.

Most of the good shots of digital photography are missed due to lack of proper focusing. All photographers have the habit of lifting the camera to their face for taking a photo. You may be able to capture the scenery but from a higher level. Try to get down to get a perspective from a lower level.

You can get a better perspective of the same scene by tilting your body or camera in different directions. This will create an impact on your immediate location and the object. You will get a chance to focus on things immediately in front of. This object will get more prominent keeping the landscape unchanged in the background.

You can take better pictures of a landscape by placing your closer to trees and grass. When you are taking a photograph of scenery in line with a tree or a bunch of tall grass, you will get a different perspective. The photos will feel a better height in the landscape. You can use the elements of light and shadow to create stunning effects in your photographs.

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