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Ten Must Know Facts About Memory Cards

Memory card may be the smallest accessory of a camera, but it the most important one since the photos are stored in it. Memory card can be considered as the functional equivalent of the film. The number of photos and quality of photos that you can shoot using a digital camera depends on the memory card.

The physical size of the memory card has been decreasing along with the size of the digital camera. You may have to use more than one memory card for your camera. To keep the memory card safely and to distinguish memory cards, it is ideal to keep them in a case.

The number of photos you can shoot for a particular function depends on the storage capacity of the memory card. It is better to have memory card with larger size. You can have a memory card of size ranging from 2Gb 8Gb at a reasonable price.

The type of the memory card suitable for your camera must be identified. Memory cards are not interchangeable. There are many types of memory cards like SD, MMC etc in varying sizes. The amount of memory card size that your camera supports must also be identified.

Memory card is not a expensive accessory anymore. So it is ideal to have more than one memory card. This will keep you protected from missing some important shots. A memory card can be freed only after transferring the images to other storage medias using computers.

A card reader is a device that can transfer the images in the flash memory to a computer. When you are choosing a card reader ensure that your card reader can read multiple formats. You may have to use different memory cards and formats for taking photos.

A memory can be erased and reused when the storage capacity is full. But the images can be erased intentionally or accidentally. The images can be erased using the digital camera or using computers or card reader. Some memory cards provide a facility to recover delete images.

The speed of the memory card varies depending on its type. Speed is the factor that determines how fast data can be read from the memory card. Faster memory cards can write and read images at a faster rate.

Normally memory cards are black in color. But recently memory cards of popular brands are available in multiple colors. You may have to use more than one memory card for your camera. Choosing memory cards of different colors will help you identify it more easily.

Since memory card has become inexpensive you can buy more memory cards. You can use the memory cards as a permanent place for storing images. This will help you to carry it from one place to another in case of necessity.

The size of the memory card is decreasing and the capacity is increasing. Choose the memory card with highest capacity. But before making the purchase make sure that your camera supports such big size memory cards.

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First Wedding Photography Book Recommendation

If there’s one book which I’m sure every amateur wedding photographer would appreciate having while they’re getting their business off the ground, that is none other than Steve Sint’s “Wedding Photography: Art, Business and Style” book.

He does have a new book out but for now, let’s focus on how the original edition of this particular title. I can’t even remember how many times, when I was first starting out, I took this book out whenever doubts as an amateur photographer assailed me.

Much like a student studying for a test, I used Steve Sint’s book as a guideline to increase my knowledge about the basic aspects of wedding photography that I typically did not have a clue about. When you read the book, you will see how the author started with the ABC in wedding photography: how to start a wedding studio or work for one, how to build your very own repertoire of wedding photos and how to frame and pose your subjects.

The good thing about the middle part of the book is that good and bad examples are given – so you would pretty much have an idea about whether the photos that you’re churning out at that point in your career were passable or not.

The succeeding parts of the book talked about how to use a flash, how to relate and sell your wedding packages and more importantly, how to promote your business. Thinking back, if I had to scrimp on other things that I didn’t have money for back then, Steve Sint’s book is the one thing that I wouldn’t have regretted purchasing. It’s that useful, especially for those who are just starting out – and wish to succeed – in the wedding photography business.

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